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How Your Advertising Space Works

We give you a section, where we feature your business.

You supply us with a description of what you do. You can also include pictures, and a video.

We need your website address and how to contact you If you don't have a website, ask us how we can help you.  

You may upload your business card. 

How To Start

1. Promote My Business Form 

To begin, complete the Promote My Business form to the right of this page, letting us know about you and your business. 

Preferred Ad Section - Specify what section best suits your business, such as Advertising, Auto Dealership, Auto Parts and Tires, Insurance, Medical, etc., ; for suggestions on your business section placement, please check out our Business Directory by clicking here.

We will add you into our Business Directory and you will also be added into your preferred Section where people will be able to contact you; you may view the other section by clicking here

Preferred Ad Location - We need to know where to place your ad, for example Country, Province/State, or International; the location is based on where your business operates. 

 All uploads must be high resolution and .jpg, .png

2. Payment 

Once you have completed the Promote My Business form, you have two options as to how you would like us to promote your business:

Option 1: $600.00 - You will be advertised for 6 Month in the location that your business operates; for example your entire Country, your Province/State or if you operate Internationally.  

What is your potential return when you invest $50.00/month, for 6 months?

Option 2:  $850.00 - You will be advertised for 1 Year in the location that your business operates; for example your entire Country, your Province/State or if you operate Internationally.

What is your potential return when you invest approximately $71.00/month for 1 year? 

Option 3: Special Promotion:  If you decide that you would like to make a commitment with us and advertise your business for 2 years, if you pay the 2 years upfront, we will give you a great discount. Instead of paying, what would normally cost you $1700.00 for two years, you will only pay  $1350.00 for 2 years!


Select the Options [Option 1, 2 or Option 3: Special Promotion] that you prefer and make your payment below. 

Note: Your payment is secure and by Paypal.  

Once you have submitted your Promote My Business form and your Payment has been accepted, we will advertise your business within 3-5 business days.

Your 1 year or 6 months advertising will begin the day that we post your business profile; the date of the start of your advertising will appear at the bottom of your advertising space profile.

We look forward to promoting your business!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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